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Medical marijuana is available to qualifying patients across the state of Florida. Medical marijuana in Florida comes in a variety of forms from licensed dispensaries. Our medical cannabis physicians and step help guide you through the process from start to finish. We will help you register with the state, develop a treatment and dosage plan all the way to making your first purchase at a local treatment center.

On November 8, 2016 Florida pass Amendment 2 which allows patients to legally access marijuana for medicinal purposes from quality controlled sources.

Where can you buy medical marijuana in Florida?

After obtaining your medical marijuana card, you are able to purchase approved products from treatment centers. To avoid possible police citations only make purchases from state approved and licensed sources. If pulled over with state-approved THC products, you will have to present your card to the officer and a proof of purchase from a licensed dispensary.

Where can you get in licensed dispensaries?

In Florida dispensaries, medical marijuana patients can get tinctures, oils, extracts and now flowers. It is important to remember that medical cannabis is not covered under any insurance.

We are the leading medical marijuana doctor in Plantation, Florida.

Medical Marijuana Flowers

As of early 2019, a new law has been passed that allows medical marijuana treatment centers to sell flowers. The Green Life Health and Wellness is now prescribing smokable medical marijuana flowers.


You can schedule a phone call or an in person appointment with us to check your status and eligibility.


All patients of The Green Life Health and Wellness will be seen by a specialized physician who is registered with the Florida Office of Compassionate Use.


A qualifying patient will receive a letter of recommendation from a physician to grant them access to an ID card.


Once you have obtained your medical marijuana ID card, you can purchase marijuana from treatment centers across the state of Florida.


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